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Sybian Fueled Stag Party Stickyness

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Sybian Fueled Stag Party Stickyness

I had sent a few messages to @FuckMachineIan about renting another Sybian for some fun and games and he suggested dropping it off as I am so close to him and I jumped at the chance to finally meet him and of course to save myself some cash.

Ian came round to my place to drop the machine off and I invited him in for a coffee to thank him for taking the trouble to help me out. He was absolutely charming and a veritable wealth of information about the Sybian and other fucking machines, talk got round to how I use the Sybian and Ian talked me through grinding on it. Now being very horny already at the thought of riding the Sybian again I asked him if he would help me learn to do that and I was delighted when he ageed to help out.

The machine was quickly set up and I was stepping out of my panties after hitching my skirt up around my waist. Ian watched me lower myself onto the G-Max insert that he had brought along, it felt amazing. It really stretched me open when I inserted it and the large ball on it sat in just the right spot for me to really get turned on.

Ian held the controls and started off by teasing me with the rotation function of the Sybian. I could feel the ball slowly moving inside me putting pressure on my G-spot and I started to groan rather loudly. He then started the vibrations but only very softly. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being pleasured by someone else.

Ian then started to explain grinding again, saying it was a bit like twerking in that you rotate your hips forward and backwards, grinding your clit into the nubbly section of the sybian attachment. Ian asked me if I had used the red risers last time and I admitted that I didn't. Explaining to me that in an upright position the red risers would be a good idea to increase the pressure on my clit he asked me to get off the machine whilst he fitted it.

I reluctantly lifted myself off the machine allowing the G-max attachment to slide out of my pussy and Ian fitted the red riser and red rod to the sybian. I was surprised at how wet I was already and the attachment was very sticky, I couldn;t wait to get back on it again. When he was ready I straddled it again and slowly let it slide inside me. This time when I had fully lowered myself I could really feel the nobbly bits pressing against my clit and when he started the machine up again I nearly came there and then.

Ian then knelt behind me and placed his hands on my hips encouraging me to start to grind into the machine, it felt incredible and he pressed down on my hips to make sure that I was in solid contact with the machine. I came very loudly and it was incredibly strong, my whole body bucked as the orgasm tore through me. Ian held me upright and then whipsered in my ear "Good now the warm up is done lets get on with the lesson".

He gave me many more orgasms as I responded to his commands and in the end I was really bearing down hard and grinding my pussy into the Sybian and the orgasms just kept coming, seeming to roll into one.

Finally he switched the machine off and I rolled off it laying on the floor on my back with my legs spread wide open, I must have looked a comical sight. Once I had recovered we had another coffee (all the while I wanted to grab him and return the favour but he was a gentleman, for not taking advantage of a horny lass in a high state of arousal LOL). We discussed other ways of using the Sybian and even using one at the same time as a fucking machine (thats on the cards for next time).

I explained to him what I was planning to do the next day and he just laughed saying "Good girl" LOL. I gave him a big kiss prior to him leaving and thanked him for his help and advice.

New Years Eve

I spent most of the morning either riding the Sybian or trying to pick what to wear for the "party" that I had been invited to by an old fling. I had been invited to put on a sexy show for a group of lads on a stag night prior to them hitting the town and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I was picked up by my host at 6pm and he put the Sybian in his car and we drove round to his place where we quickly went in. I was wearing a short skirt (with no knickers of course) with stocking amd suspenders and my breasts were barely contained by a purple basque. The guys - eight of them all eagerly greeted me and Paul placed the Sybian in the middle fo the room. A few of the guys knew what it was and the ones who didn't guessed what I was going to do with it. I had been asked to put on a sexy show and so after a few drinks I was passed from guy to guy sitting on each of their laps whilst they all kissed me and fondled my breasts some of them even fingering my wet pussy. I then stood up and kicked one of the guys out of an arm chair before settling back on it, opening my legs and slowly I started to rub my clit and finger myself infront of everyone. All of the guys shouted encouragement at me and it wasn't long until my first orgasms washed over me. I loved the way that all of them were staring at my pussy as it clenched tight and relaxed again as I was coming.

I then got up and whilst licking my sticky fingers clean I lowered my wet pussy onto the Sybian. I held out the controls for the groom who was reluctant at first to step forward and take the controls but with lots of peer pressure he stepped up to the mark and took the controls off me. A grin shot onto his face as he saw the reaction in me as he operated the controls. I was grinding my pussy into the Sybian enjoying the sight of the growing erection in his trousers which was right infront of my face. I was groaning loudly and had taken my breasts out and was tweaking my nipples, squeezing them hard as I rode the machine.

Before he could stop me I had grabbed and then undone his belt, I then opened his trousers up and slid my fingers inside. The guys roared encouragement as I fished his hard cock out and I slid it into my mouth, sucking on it noisily to everyones delight. I told him to hold my head and to fuck my mouth and he did. He fucked my mouth really hard and fast and I could feel his orgasm approaching. I came hard again as the first spurt of spunk hit the back of my mouth and then I pulled his cock out and took the rest of his load all over my face, looking at him in the eyes as his seed splashed all over my upturned face.

He was speechless LOL and I saw that a few of the guys were wanking their stiff cocks and so I told them to come over me as well and they did. Each one stepping forward to add his load to the sticky mess on my face. Not all of the guys joined in which was a shame but I did end up with five skicky loads over me. I reckon that the other guys have had a sneaky wank over the memory of it since though LOL.

I have no idea how many times I came but I could hardly walk after it and the guys had to help me up off the Sybian so that I could clean up. When I came back from the bathroom Paul had already put the Sybian in the car and was stood by the door with an envelope syaing that they had all had a whip round for me and that I was not to look inside the envelope until I got home. I said goodbye to the boys, giving the groom a deep long kiss and then was taken home. They were going out on the town for the night and I think that I gave them a great start to the evening.

I had a great time and the bonus was that upon looking in the envelope I had enough money to cover the hire of the Sybian and to be able to get one in again - bonus.

Later that evening I went round to a friends to see the New Year in and had a lovely time, little did she know what I had been up to earlier in the evening. I hope you had a great New Years Eve and that you have a fantastic 2015, if you liked this blog post then please let me know.

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