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Independent Review By Blissfully Orgasmic

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Independent Review By Blissfully Orgasmic

Independant Review By Blissfully OrgasmicWe are chuffed to bits with the latest independent review that we have had for the F-Machine Pro Gen 2 and our rental service.

As well as loving the machine it was nice to know that our friendly approach to our customers was appreciated and that the rental process was spot on.

Blissfully Orgasmic is a new reviewer who writes informative, frank and often funny reviews of adult products. Her website is definitely worth a visit and don't forget to add her to your favourites list.

"I was really surprised by how quiet this machine was, even at full speed. It didn’t at all sound like anything seedy, and whilst in use I never once thought ‘Oh shit, I bet my neighbours can hear everything’. In fact, I’d quite happily use this if I had house mates in the knowledge that they wouldn’t suspect I was doing what I was in fact doing!"

Blissfully Orgasmic -

The F-Machine is capable of thrusting at up to 240 RPMWe are delighted with the review and enjoyed reading her thoughts and comments about the machine.

It makes me wonder what she would make of the Sybian if she got the chance to try one out.

Again with this review the best thing for us was having her give her whole hearted stamp of approval for our rental service and the way that we pay meticulous attention to hygiene and the safety of our customers. It beggers belief that some of our competitors re-use sex toy attachments as this is abhorent to us. Just the thought of re-using sex machine attachments send shivers down our spines.

"The speed of the machine was amazing, It goes up to 240RPM which is quite fast; I wasn’t able to get it to go to the highest speed, it was just way too much for me (At this time!). So starting off on the lowest setting and gradually working my way up felt amazing – And this machine, combined with the Doxy gave me tremendous orgasms, that I wanted to experience over and over."

Blissfully Orgasmic -

So what are you waiting for? Check out her review by clicking on one of the pictures in this blog post or by CLICKING HERE. Enjoy reading it and don't forget to follow her on twitter (@BlissfullyOrgas) and to bookmark her site.

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Renting Makes A Lot Of Sense

As Sex Machines are so expensive it makes a lot of sense to rent one before going on to buy one. Why not try before you buy.
Combination Padlocks

Secure Transit Cases

No one, not even the courier knows what is inside our rental sex machine secure transit cases. The good thing about the cases is that you can secure the machine in it in the house away from prying eyes.
Treat Your Partner Or Yourself

Special Occasions

Renting a sex machine is a great way to organise a special evening, do something different from the norm. Our service is great for satisfying your fantasies and ticking something else off your sexual bucket list.
Gender Neutral

Anyone Can Enjoy It

Anyone can enjoy a fucking machine and whether you are on your own or part of a couple they can add an exciting new dimension to your sexual fun and games.