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Thursday, 29 October 2015 10:03

Second Hand 8 Inch Shockspot - NOW SOLD

2nd Hand Shockspot for sale2nd Hand 8 Inch Shockspot - NOW SOLD

2nd Hand SybianWe have been asked to list this 2nd hand 8 Inch Shockspot for sale for just £1,400 (exluding P&P) - reduced for a quick sale. This is a great price as the Shockspot is definitely the Rolls Royce of fucking machines and it is incredibly capable. It would make a superb Xmas presenr for someone.

This is a private sale, just get in touch with us through our contact form and we will pass your e-mail on to the seller who obviously wishes to remain anonymous on here.

One Shockspot machine purchased mid Aug 2015 and used only once, with remote control, vac u lock cock bundle, in perfect working condition with instruction booklet, vac u lock powder - everything you see in the photo's is included. Cost £2,158.80 (receipt shown below) plus £230.00 for the remote (Seller can't find the receipt but that brings the total paid to £2,388.80)

She will accept £1,400 plus shipping which is a bargain price and this would make a great surprise Christmas present for someone.

This set is ready to go with control via a PC or with the stand alone remote. Grab yourself an absolute bargain with this almost new machine. Genuine reason for sale.


2nd Hand Shockspot 2nd Hand Shockspot 2nd Hand Shockspot 2nd Hand Shockspot 2nd Hand Shockspot

Grab a bargain

Get in touch with us through our contact form on the site if you are interested in this machine and we will pass your details on to the seller so that she can get in touch with you.

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