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First Time Anal

My latest session with a fucking machine has also been my kinkiest (I think). I've never done anal before, basically because I am very tight back there and so had never even dreamed about letting a guy take me anally. This all changed after seeing a video on xhamster that featured a woman being fucked with a machine up her bum, what really got me thinking was the size of the dildo, it was quite thin.

I started to imagine what it must feel like to have your backside fucked like that and in the bath I started to rub my arse and I slid a finger inside it whilst I rubbed my clit. I came hard a fast doing this and that made my mind up. I would have to try anal.

All of my fuck buddies are pretty well hung (well a gal can be picky I guess) so there was no way that I was going to let one of them loose on my tight little bum but I decided to give it a go with a fucking machine and an anal dildo.

As usual the day waiting for the machine to arrive was basically spent fingering myself and watching really dirty videos online, I occasionally teased my arse giving myself a taste of what was to come.

The machine arrived and it was the usual delivery guy (he has a really nice smile, but I digress) and I am starting to think that maybe he is getting curious as to what I keep receiving in a large box on a Friday as he collects it again the following Monday. He is always too polite to ask though which is a good job really as I always have flushed cheeks when I amswer the door to him as I am in a very horny state.

I quickly put the machine together and started to examine the anal dildo, it looked a bit bigger than the one I had seen in the video but it was very smooth and tapered. I decided to give it a go by hand before fitting it to the machine though.

I was just wearing a dressing gown and so I undid the tie and lay on the couch with my legs open and my left hand playing with my pussy as I licked and sucked the dildo to get it nice and wet. I rolled onto my side, still with my fingers rubbing my clitty as I lifted my knees up so that I could easilly get to my arse. I placed the tip of the dildo against mmy tight bum and slowly started to apply pressure as I closed my eyes to focus on the feelings. There was quite a bit of resistance but it felt good so I pushed a bit harder.

The pressure built up until eventually the dildo overcame my tight bum hole and it slid inside, it felt incredible and I came there and then, with two fingers inside my pussy and my arse full of dildo.

After I came down I slid the dildo out of my bum and just that feeling almost made me cum again, it was time for the fucking machine to do its bit.

I fitted the dildo to the machine and set it to a short stroke as I didn't want to be too adventurous for the first time doing this. I got on my back with two pillows under my bum to raise it a bit to help with the angle of the machine and I pulled it towards me.

It took three attempts to get the legs at the right angle for the dildo to rest against my bum hole and by now I was really excited and I really needed to cum. I pulled the machine towards me and felt it stretch my arse open as it slide in and I lay there enjoying the feeling of being stretched open.

I picked up the controls and switched the machine on and I started the dildo moving in and out of me. I had applied a load of lube my myself and the dildo and it slid back and forth effortlessly sending waves of pleasure through me.

I put the controls down and picked up a hand mirror so that I could watch the dildo moving in and out of me. As I watched the dildo stetching me open I slowly rubbed my clit and it wasn't long before I came hard pushing the dildo right out of my arse, as my orgasm was so powerfull, the machine kept moving back and forwards and the dildo ended up rubbing up and down the length of my pussy and clitty giving me a second orgasm.

I then made it fuck my arse again but after all this attention it started to get a bit sore so I stopped until later that day. That evening I enjoyed using different toys in my pussy on the fucking machine and I also fucked my arse with it once more. Next time I get it in I think I will get the double dildo attachment to try getting fucked in my pussy and ass at the same time. All in all I loved it and will definitely be up for some more anal fun in the future, maybe even trying a real cock one day.

I think maybe I need a cameraman to take some pics of these sessions - any takers?

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